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Seersite Expert Status opens the door to new opportunities

When you upgrade your profile to expert status, we put you in front of clients who are looking for specific expertise and willing to pay for the opportunity to talk to you

Seersite makes everything easier for Professionals & Clients.


Connect and build relationships with other top people in your industry, vetted for their expertise, and get the latest insights across any topic.


Access insights shared by other professionals in feeds and posts, and amplify your signal while screening out the noise that is so common on other platforms.


Become a Seersite Expert and accept engagements from research clients and investors. You set your own rate and earn more than with other expert networks.

No exorbitant fees

Old expert networks don’t pay you what you're worth. Most legacy networks keep 70% of what the client pays. As a member of Seersite, you set your rate and our fee is always a flat percentage and transparent.

We don't waste your time

Scheduling on old expert networks is cumbersome and time consuming. On Seersite, scheduling is online and easy.

You're in control

Unlike the blind matching process on old expert networks, Seersite is transparent and puts you, the expert, in control of your time and accessibility.

The Seersite experience is different
from old expert networks

Expert Status

Apply for Expert Status and we will review your credentials before approval. You can choose to turn Expert Status on or off depending on your circumstances.


The Seersite Marketplace puts you in front of investors and consultants who are looking for specific expertise and the opportunity to talk to you.


Compensation is paid upon completion of an engagement. You decide your rate and Seersite takes a flat percentage fee that is transparent to you and the client.

Seersite is organized into industries that makes it easy for leading professionals to connect with peers and earn ......

How does it work?

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