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The first Expert Network where experts are in charge

Investors are increasingly looking to talk to people with deep knowledge in their industry. Seersite connects you with institutional investors willing to pay to talk with you and hear your insights.

Becoming an expert is as easy as sharing your LinkedIn profile

Email us at and we will create your profile and then you can set your own rate and availability. Or, you can just sign up below.

Set your rate, earn what you want

Many expert networks, including the largest players, keep over 70% of what the client pays. On Seersite, you set your rate and our fee is transparent.

Seersite puts you in control

On Seersite, you, the expert, are always in control. If you change jobs or any other circumstances where you want to take a break from receiving client inquiries, you can turn off your availability or even make your profile completely private.

Once we’ve created your profile, you can update it with new career changes, skills and accomplishments. This will help clients find you and make for better matches so we’re not reaching out with inquiries that are a poor fit.

The Seersite experience is different
from old expert networks

Expert Application

Simply send us your LinkedIn profile or resume and we will create your profile. Or, sign up directly. We will review your credentials before approval.

Set your rate & availability

You are in control of your rate, availability and privacy settings at any time.

Get compensated

Seersite matches you to investors that want to talk to you. Compensation is paid upon completion of an engagement.

How does it work?

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