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Seersite is makes finding Expert knowledge easier, faster, and better than ever. Built for trust, compliance, an transparency, every expert session is vetted, moderated, and transcribed by the Seersite Team. 

We are making access to expert knowledge easier and more efficient for everyone.

Get Vetted Expert Knowledge on Demand.

Seersite provides greater transparency and clarity between clients and experts to better serve your needs. Vetted, transparent, compliant, and fully managed by our team.

Get the Right Expert

Before you make any commitments or waste time on a call, Seersite finds the top matched and vetted Experts for you and provides insights into how they think and their specific knowledge.

Transparent Pricing

Our transparency continues in our pricing model. Clients pay the expert’s requested rate plus a platform fee for compliance, management, and handling. Zero upfront commitments.

Fully Managed

Seersite handles each step, from call moderation, to annotation and transcripts. Additionally, Clients can get access to our Knowledge Library for expanded insights and research on demand.

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