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Join the Seersite Network

A better way to share your expertise.

Seersite is developing a platform for Experts to share insights and and work with the right clients. You'll be able to build your reputation, book sessions, and more. Every expert session is vetted, moderated, and transcribed by the Seersite Team. 

We are making access to expert knowledge easier and more efficient for everyone.

Share your Expertise on a platform built for you.

The Seersite platform is designed to highlight Expert’s knowledge. Instead of simply filling up a database of people who may never get a call, Seersite is built for experts who want to take an active role in displaying their knowledge to potential clients.

Get the Right Booking

Our team helps you build an expert profile beyond what a resume or CV can provide. We then match you with the right Client who needs your specific expertise to book you at the rate you deserve.

Build your Reputation

You can submit research or commentary and our editors will highlight your key points and expertise to build your reputation and share your insights to find the best matched Clients.

Grow your Revenue

Experts have the ability to promote themselves on the Seersite platform by sharing research and commentary. The more engaged you are, the more visibility your work will have with potential clients.

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