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Our mission is to connect the world’s leading professionals, experts & decision makers and to facilitate the fair exchange of knowledge.

Seersite is a network for industry-leading professionals that also functions as an expert marketplace. We connect people who want to enhance their profile, expand their knowledge and network. Members can become experts to showcase and sell their expertise on their terms. Our marketplace matches decision makers with the right experts.

The Seersite team is comprised of entrepreneurs, engineers and investment professionals who believe there is a better way to serve both experts and clients through better technology and transparency in a world where separating the noise from signal is becoming increasingly critical.


We conceived of Seersite as a community that is both a knowledge-driven professional network and an expert marketplace where participants and clients come together to build relationships, solve problems and transact.


The lifeblood of Seersite is knowledge fueled by the people with expertise. By letting them control their networking and pricing, we attract the brightest and most engaged minds to deliver knowledge at scale.

About Us

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