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The first Expert Network where experts are in charge

Investors are increasingly looking to talk to people with deep knowledge in their industry. Seersite connects you with institutional investors willing to pay to talk with you and hear your insights.

Seersite makes everything easier for Professionals & Clients.

All members are vetted

No spammers, no bots, no self promoters. Our staff reviews every member's application.

Connections in your industry

Networking is organized into industry verticals so you can quickly find people relevant to you and to forge connections that matter.

Expert Status

If you upgrade your profile to expert status, we put you in front of clients who pay for the opportunity to talk to you. Learn more

How does it work?

Urban View

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Network with people who matter

Most people think of networking as a game to get ahead. Seersite is a network for people who do not need to play that game because they are already ahead.

Share knowledge with peers with similar expertise

Access to Seersite is limited to people at the executive level or with demonstrable equivalent qualifications.

All signal, no noise

Our goal for Seersite is for every connection you make to be worth your time, turning the typical signal to noise ratio on its head.

The Seersite difference
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