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One quick thought: Everyone is so focused on Web3 being blockchain-centric, and while blockchain technologies are arguably the key mechanisms, the core paradigm shift is that it enables the true integration of content, community, and commerce with potential interplay with real and digital environments. Realistically, this is Web2+3 technologies working together, and every business should be exploring this.

Mike Prasad
12 minutes ago

An alternate view on Web3

Jeff Arnold
1 hour ago

Innovaccer And Healthcare vs. Sickcare
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Data management in healthcare is still catching up with other industries due to slow adoption rates by the various providers, payers, suppliers, and other institutional parties that comprise the sector. Innovaccer’s platform has become invaluable for the coordination of such data from the macro level of cutting unnecessary costs to the micro level of monitoring individuals’ testing and treatment schedules and histories.


Innovaccer’s InNote has become a helpful tool in migrating and matching data between patients and different care providers to ensure proper information and close information gaps between EMR, CCD and other departments are maintained for hospital management operations, as well as making sure insurers’ and providers’ records are reconciled for correct client populations.


Future applications envisioned using Innovaccer’s P360 tool will help to streamline some operations and create alerts for those divisions that require additional assistance and personnel in order to minimize the burden on Emergency Departments.

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